The Porches Story

The Birth of Porches

The Porches Inn was the brainchild of international businessman Jack Wadsworth. Wadsworth, an alumnus of nearby Williams College, had a vision – to revitalize the block of seriously run-down but sturdily built, beautifully detailed Victorian row houses that sat vacant across from the museum.

Working closely with Nancy Fitzpatrick, owner of The Red Lion Inn, they determined that the space was the perfect location for an inn. So they set about to turn their vision into a reality. And Porches was born.

Work on the property was completed in eighteen months. The imaginative renovation included long verandas and bold inside/outside spaces. The original houses were restored and connected to form unique common areas for guests to relax in. The interiors mixed striking, colorful style with an homage to the buildings’ 19th Century heritage.

Today, Wadsworth’s ongoing efforts at revitalization continue to change the face and shape of North Adams.


A former 19th Century textile mill, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) is one of the world’s most vibrant centers for making, displaying and viewing some of today’s most evocative art. With vast galleries and a stunning collection of indoor and outdoor performing arts venues, MASS MoCA is able to embrace all forms of art: music, sculpture, dance, film, painting, photography, theater, and new, boundary-crossing works of art that defy easy classification. Much of the work shown is created during extended fabrication and rehearsal residencies that bring hundreds of the world’s most brilliant and innovative artists to North Adams and The Porches Inn.

The museum campus features free parking, affordably priced cafés, a full-service restaurant, delicious ice cream, great coffee, and an innovative microbrewery that spotlights locally malted grains and hops grown right here in the Berkshire valley.

Green Hospitality

We believe that everyone should take an interest in the world we live in. That includes helping to make the changes necessary to keep our planet, and ourselves, healthy. From the use of eco-friendly cleaning agents in both our laundry and housekeeping departments to an electric car-charging station in our parking lot to participation in a community solar facility, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint as best we can.

Healthy Eating

We take strides to help ensure the health of our guests too. Which is why we also believe in a healthy diet. We purchase only the freshest, most organic ingredients for our complimentary Continental breakfast. And we support our neighbors by purchasing most of our breakfast supplies locally. This not only makes for better food service, it helps to foster a healthier local economy as well.