Friday, June 10, 2011

Inside/Out at studio21 South

studio21south in North Adams  current show: Inside/Out, now-July 10, featuring the paintings of a Northampton-based couple, Katy Schneider and David Gloman.

Schneider paints the interior of the family home, sometimes capturing it in its anarchic natural state, other times displaying its artifacts in still life compositions and energetic florals.  Gloman turns his attention outdoors.  Working on site, he by turns captures the feral, evanescent qualities of the natural environment or plucks order from chaos, resulting in plain-spoken cityscapes and landscapes. Have you ever been inspired by something you saw that you wanted to paint it right then and there? Why not have a portable studio like David Gloman? Continue below to read more about Katy Schneider and David Gloman.
David Gloman has taught at Amherst College since 1994, and received his MFA from Yale University. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, recipient of such grants as the Tiffany Grant, MA Arts Council Grant, and Coleman Award.  Well-known for his interpretations of the Pioneer Valley, Mr. Gloman completes many of his works in his customized truck which serves as a year-round mobile studio (see pic, below!), and is currently building a boat which will provide him with the optimal vantage point to capture the Connecticut River and local waterways.

Katy Schneider has taught at Smith College since 1990, and received her BA from Yale University and MFA from Indiana University. In his review of Ms. Schneider’s debut NY show at Tatischeff Gallery, which appeared in the New York Observer, Mario Naves states “Her work makes the case, modestly, but delicately, that precedent is never a done deal, and inspiration is where you find it. The Corot-like delicacies of Ms. Schneider’s brush settle on matters close at hand: the family and the studio.” She is the recipient of a Guggenheim fellowship, National Academy of Art award, Coleman award, and MA Arts Council grant. She is a painter and award-winning children’s book illustrator.

“Inside/Out” will be on view  from June 4 through July 10.  Opening reception,  Saturday, June 4, 3-7pm. JUNE hours: Open Saturdays, 12-5, Sunday, 11-3, and most weekdays and other times by appointment or by chance. Please don’t be shy!  413.652.4815 studio21south@gmail.com, www.studio21south.blogspot.com

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