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Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Perspective on Pittsfield

A juried exhibition of photography at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts focuses on Pittsfield, from its gritty industrial side all the way through a variety of neighborhoods and setting to some of the soaring architectural beauty that graces the downtown area. The show highlights the work of local artists while offering new perspectives to film industry location scouts seeking exciting settings for scenes in upcoming movie projects. The challenge is that the stereotypical image of Berkshire County among many filmmakers is its old mansions, rolling hills, bucolic farmland and pastoral forests. Both Pittsfield and North Adams offer interesting urban settings for filmmakers and artists of all types – I imagine that Charles Sheeler would have inspired by our Berkshire cities!  The photos are posted on the Web here, but consider a stop at the Lichtenstein Center on your next trip to Porches and see another facet of our rich Berkshire landscape. ["No Admittance" by Scott Edward Cole]


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Greased Lightning

Check out an historic back country ski race at Mount Greylock! The 75th Anniversary Thunderbolt Ski Race is taking place on February 20th… Slots for the race have been filled, but join in the fun on the spectator trails – get out in the wild, sip a hot beverage and enjoy the majestic scenery!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Writing About Your Art

Not every artist finds it easy to write about their work – in fact, many might say that they prefer to leave the writing to curators and critics. To the naysayers, I say: consider this… Writing about your art can have a dual benefit. It can help you think through the process and the intent while engaging with the viewer on a deeper level. One of the major benefits of this is a stronger following and – we hope! – sales of your work. Here in the Berkshires, we have just the thing to help you put pen to paper – MCLA’s Tricks of the Trade, a professional development seminar series for artists and creatives.  The January session is “Writing: How do artists write about their work?” - this workshop will look at a plethora of artist statements to understand what connects us most to the work.  You will then use these techniques to write our own statements.  Please click here for more information – sign up for the free January 12th session at Kidspace at MASS MoCA in North Adams!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Trails

We’ve been getting a fresh layer of powdery snow almost every day – there’s now enough of a base to have a lot of fun snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Notchview is offering free snowshoe lessons and a trek as well as XC skiing lessons and a waxing clinic. If you’ve ever wanted to try either sport, this is a great time! Notchview is a beautiful place to play in the snow – follow this link to learn more. See you on the trails…