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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little voice inside said “get outdoors!”

A little voice inside said “get outdoors!”  Needing a break, it seemed like the perfect time to hike up the path of Porches’ woodland garden to see what’s in bloom.

Those who garden know what a challenge it can be to grow in the shade. Well, we thought we’d let Mother Nature help out, so we hired a local firm, Project Native, that specializes in native plantings. Project Native (projectnative.org) helped us reclaim the forest with plants indigenous to the northeast by planting over 10,000 woodland perennials.  So, I walked past the bonfire pit, where I saw purple phlox guarding the woodpile, then headed uphill.

At first, I didn’t see much. Native plants are not showy things – their beauty is subtle and begs a closer look.  So, I slowed from my hiking pace to my strolling pace. Splashed with bits of sunlight were columbine, false Solomon’s seal, violets, and another little plant, the name of which escapes me (can I help it if I have spring fever?!).  Ah… the artistry of Mother Nature!

It’s amazing the effect a jaunt in the woods can have: I feel relaxed and renewed. Next time, I’ll bring my MAC and work up in the fully-wired gazebo so I can soak up the serenity for just a bit longer.  Until then, I’ll see what’s blooming elsewhere in Berkshire County…